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Security Solutions


Ag Tech Business Designs and Implements Security and Surveillance Systems to Protect Your Assets

Equipment Cameras
Image by Loren King

Equipment cameras for your combines, grain carts, grain trailers and animal trailers. Ag Tech Business uses a wireless camera system to monitor all types of equipment.

Image by Annie Spratt

Install multiple levels of protection with

cameras that see who enters the property, who is at the doors for entrance, and if people follow proper protocol to sign in and out of the property.

Security Cameras
Image by Taylor Siebert

Invest in commercial grade video cameras to protect your property, your equipment and your livestock. Prevent and catch burglary and vandalism with clearly captured images.

License Plate Capture

ID plates to white list approved vehicles, black list unauthorized vehicles and gray list semi-restricted vehicles to be notified when a black or gray listed vehicle is on the property day or night.

& Point-to-Multipoint

Connect one or multiple buildings to a security system that wirelessly transmits live video and internet across a building site or multiple properties ranging from 50 feet to 9 miles.

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