RZ Masks

Dusty Grain Bins
Hay Dust
Diesel Odors
Livestock Dander and Odor

Wireless Security Camera System

Motorized Lens Cameras

Motorized lens cameras have a vari-focal component allowing you to move the lens remotely. 

Mobile Pro Systems Trailers

We design and manufacture creative surveillance solutions for real-time monitoring in nearly any environment. Every product has been developed with ease of use, practicality, and the highest quality at the lowest costs on the market today. Whether you need surveillance at a location for a day or a year, our mobile power solutions will work for you.


Network Video Recorders (NVR) allow you to view the cameras either directly from the NVR or from your smartphone, laptop or computer. Cameras can receive a wireless security camera system image through your outdoor security cameras.

Fixed Lens Cameras

Fixed lens cameras have lens from 2.8mm, 3.0mm and 3.6mm. Our cameras have IR for night vision.  

Mobile Pro Systems
Power Sentry

Put video surveillance and communication technologies right where you want them, right when you need to. The Power Sentry 6000 is easily mounted with a universal bracketing system on light poles and sides of buildings or structures. Hook it over a fence or roof, hang it on a building parapet, or even set it up on a tripod. Just power up and go!

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras allow you to Pan, Tilt and Zoom. We have PTZ cameras that have 20x, 30x or 33x zoom. Cameras also have IR and Laser IR for excellant night vision.

License Plate Camera

This camera is designed to capture License plate up to 164 ft from where they are installed.